THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO (or ‘The Day of Madness’) takes place on one day in the Seville household of the Count and Countess Almaviva.

The characters available for sponsorship are:

COUNT ALMAVIVA  – Very wealthy, married to Rosina;  the lord of the manor. He is now pursuing Susanna and has become jealous and resentful of Figaro for being betrothed to her.

COUNTESS ALMAVIVA (Rosina) – The lady of the manor, married to the Count and still very much in love with him despite his infidelities. She wants to win back her husband’s attentions and his love.

SUSANNA- The countess’s personal maid and confidante; betrothed to Figaro. Quick-witted, competent, bold and sharp-tongued, she is a born mimic; she despises the Count, but realises how much her mistress still loves her husband.

FIGARO – The Count’s personal valet and chauffeur, and betrothed to Susanna. He is adept at plotting and getting out of difficult situations with an ability to think on his feet.

CHERUBINO – A love-obsessed page in Almaviva’s household; elegant, flighty, accomplished, self-admiring and cheeky, he fancies himself quite the romantic!

MARCELLINA –  Bartolo’s old housekeeper and formerly Rosina’s governess; she hopes to marry Figaro

DON BARTOLO – A medical doctor and former guardian and suitor of Rosina, he bears a grudge against Figaro for his part in ‘stealing’ her from him and so is willing to further Marcellina’s cause.

DON BASILIO –singing teacher of Susanna, formerly of Rosina, the Count’s constant secret messenger and spokesman to his many clandestine female friends over the years.

DON CURZIO – a lawyer, called in by the Count to give the appearance of unbiased legitimacy to Marcellina’s lawsuit against Figaro.

BARBARINA – a young peasant girl of the household, Susanna’s cousin who hopes to marry Cherubino.

ANTONIO –the gardener; Barbarina’s father, Susanna’s uncle.